10 Things I’ve Learned In My 20’s


As the years go by, you start maturing and getting a different outlook on life. It is normal for an individual in their twenties to think and approach things differently than when they were a teenager. I want to start off by saying, I’m a completely different woman than the girl I was 7 or 6 years ago. Most people who haven’t seen me in years are shocked because I’m not what they expected. My personality and demeanor changed tremendously. I have different values, goals and most importantly, I do what’s best for me and not what is expected of me. Maybe these particular individuals expected me to remain the same for some weird reason… Ha! I’ve always been the observant type of girl, didn’t speak much and never really expressed myself.  I’m proud to say I’m more outspoken, confident and I stand for what’s right. I’m also very…

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