I don’t love myself!!

The Broken Specs

Do you think?

God gets sad when we say,
“I don’t love myself!! 😐 ”

God must be like..

“What do you mean you don’t love yourself,
I worked so hard on you! ”

~ Love yourself, you’re beautiful. ❤

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3 Replies to “I don’t love myself!!”

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to just stay not loving you, because you’re afraid of change. It’s like “nobody else accepts me, so why should i accept me.” You know?

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    1. I accept you and I love you without reservation my friend. Your existence is just a valid as everyone and everything else. Your perception and interpretation of reality is also just as valid as everyone else’s. Are you focusing on what you once were or what you would like to become? In order to find peace, one must first stop fighting with ones self. You are a perfect being, with character flaws and areas for improvement, just like everyone else. You are the same as everyone else, in that you are unique. You must learn to forgive yourself for your imperfections because only then will you come to understand that they must happen in order for you to begin to understand what it truly means to learn. Once we master learning we become a master student, but this takes practice. Do not fear mistakes, embrace them and learn from them. If your intentions are formed in love then you will ultimately be rewarded in love. That my friend, is a guarantee, I can assure you of that.

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