Do your best and forget the rest!


I don’t love myself!!

The Broken Specs

Do you think?

God gets sad when we say,
“I don’t love myself!! 😐 ”

God must be like..

“What do you mean you don’t love yourself,
I worked so hard on you! ”

~ Love yourself, you’re beautiful. ❤

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Survivor’s Guilt

2015 in 100 Images 

Painting the sky


So there we were- Pacific Islanders, all of us. We all knew how to fish, cook, clean, work, and build… A rough bunch, camping out under the stars. Nature was our playground. Our parents wouldn’t worry, they knew we could handle the worst with a grin and a wink. We knew we had something here; Something special that only few stumble upon. This was life. Most of us didn’t wear shoes, our feet were naked on the rocks and sand and weeds and all, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I brought a guitar along for a jam. We sang and laughed and waited patiently for the sun to rise over the horizon. Waves crashed on the beach a few yards away, crickets sang with us in the background, the fire glistened with vigour, supplemented by the moonlight ever so clear. The stars, my goodness! They matched the…

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If I Were Building A Gallery?


The above graphic goes back a few years to a time when I was just beginning to wade into more serious waters concerning my photo and graphic work.

I chose to create a gallery image filled with actual pieces of my work. I did this for two reasons: One, it allowed me to view those pieces in a ‘virtual’ gallery setting. Two, as I entertained the notion of putting together an actual gallery show, this piece and subsequent pieces like it could be used within a portfolio to show around both online and off.

As I came across the old post today, which originally had two other random graphics and NO writing, (what was I thinking back then???) I decided to re-post it and include an explanation for it’s original existence.

Oh, so I didn’t end up doing the gallery show myself and a friend had in mind at the…

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a letter to isis (the goddess)


Dear Isis,

Of the many Facebook posts I’ve seen this last week, not one has mentioned the glaring affront that your Divine Feminine name has been co-opted by a demented consciousness intent on displaying the darkest, most depraved aspects of humanity.

Is it mere coincidence that a force so antithetical to you who you are – to your infinite grace, love, and compassion – has assumed your holy title and mangled it with hatred and fear?

Of course not. The Divine Feminine is rising, and she’s being noticed. My sisters and I feel you, Mother. The world is experiencing the brightest light its ever felt, a light blazing shining love on all corners of the planet, exposing the darkness that could once hide…behind closed doors, swept under the rug, festering inside minds and bodies. The light is unearthing the shadow of humanity.

Susan Seddon Boulet, Isis & Osiris Susan Seddon Boulet, Isis & Osiris

I tell…

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Limits to freedom of religious belief and expression…

god help us

The UK government should not be using Ofsted to police the content/promotion of religious beliefs.

if you haven’t yet found…

when the student is ready, mAster appears